Friday, August 29, 2008

life liya lite

It is always difficult to begin something like this. I mean, I get an urge to write, my soul craves for a creative outlet and blahblah, but once I get down to it, what do I write about? Shall I get moody and soulful and create what we call "an atmosphere"? Shall I launch into a narrative of the latest happenings of an all too mundane life? Shall I display a marked existential angst like Morpheus in Neil Gaiman's Sandman? Cmon this is freaking me out!!!

Its like this. A guy gets thoughtful ya know. When he is smoking an after lunch cigerette alone in the lobby, he gets into... a mood. Ya know that feeling of detachment from your own life that comes over us, time to time(I use "us" in a very loose sense, so if you people do not get that, I accept that I am a crazy loony). Anyways the upshot of it all is that I get this urge to do something... dunno like something really big, like teach in a school in afghanistan. Or some thing fantastic, like fall in love.  Maybe something crazy, like rave about in the road singing at the top of my voice, poking fat people with my index finger. What about riding away from the city into some forest, and camp with tigers and snakes, like those guys in National Geographic do?

What happens instead is that the cigarette finishes. And I take the whole matter lite.... like I always do.

Hey, I just realised. Atleast I am doing something new now.

Cheers!!! :)