Friday, November 28, 2008

Teardrops and broken glass

Today I am numb.

For the last 60 hours our senses have been flooded with stories and images from Mumbai, a city under attack.
A city under attack from cowards toting automatic rifles and grenades.
Cowards trying to hide their impotence under the shroud of religious fervour.
A relegious fervour propagated by false godmen, stoking fires of hatred amongst the ignorant, the desperate.
And it is those desperate, ignorant folks that turn into these chilling killing machines, whose actions betray their cowardice.

A full circle, and I am sick of it.

I am sick of looking at the blood on the streets.
I am sick of hearing mothers cry.
I am sick of looking at the faces  of uncomprehending orphans.
I am sick of hearing our spineless leaders mouthing inane platitudes, feeble cliches and innuendos.
I am sick of living under the shadow of terror.

My country is dying. Bit by bloody bit, she is being killed slowly. By our own apathy, by lack of our decisiveness. It is our own weakness that is responsible for our country being labelled a soft target. Infact, such is the ignorance and worthlessness of our political system, that the last few days seem like an electric jolt given to a cadaver, animating it falsely so that it appears alive.

How many more deaths more will it take for India to cast of its economic leash and fight terrorism seriously? It is an open secret where all the terrorists are training. It is an open secret how they are coming in our country. It is an open secret where they are getting funds from. When will an Indian leader have the balls to declare

"If you are not with us, you are against us."

On day one, my heart was bleeding with Mumbai. 
On day two, I was angry. 
Today, the crisis is finally over, and the overbearingly familiar aftermath starts - the rising death toll, the blame game, the intelligence failure, the cash relief..... 

Today,I am just numb.


  1. Really Ratul I (rather We) agree with you...There is no point in discussing over the matter, blaming each other..its time to retaliate and as you said its a open "secret" where this terrorist gives birth and nourished to carry on with the most inhumane acts time and again, Its time to END the whole story at one GO....NO TALKS,NO ARREST,JUST DESTROY ...Now or never

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  3. Your post truly emanates your emotional distress during the time of this carnage.
    But what I sense is, we have been talking in cliches like "resilience", "we will bounce back" for quite sum time. The machinery works in reactive mode that a pro-active one.
    It's time we inculcate a sense of professionalism in dealing with our crisis. The politicians shud realise that they are accountable for their actions. People have elected them @ the helm of democracy and that they should deliver the goods. Analogous to the functioning of any service providing company,we are the customers and it's the reponsiblity of the Govt to ensure our well-being. So too we shud have a sense of ownership about our country. Just as a client tracks the work given to the vendors, we too shud track and monitor the performance. If we think that by mere exercise of adult franchise fulfils ur duty, then it's high time we re-think wat we are doing as sons of this soil....Employees of Taj remained back helping the security forces.
    This is because they realise they are accountable for the state of their guests. The guests are their "Customers". If organizations can adopt such means and rake in profits cluster after cluster, why can't the Govt deliver?
    Destrotying the roots of terrorism will take sum time and will invlove wide red-tapeism but if the political machinery migrates to a pro-active mode, we won't be sitting "numb"