Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sanskriti circus

Valentine's Day is coming, and India is getting ready for one more round of pure black comedy on the national television. For it is on this day the self styled moral police of our country goes Rambo on all those westernized youth who (gasp!) hold hands in public, drink at pubs (egad!), or (dear god!) get pregnant (How is it possible??)!!! Evidently women consuming alcohol was an unheard of proposition in India 3000 years ago, and as for love, ha ha ha, you must be kidding me!! Love is a totally western concept, forget whatever else you have read in the Mahabharata.

So these moralists, ignoring every other serious socio-economic problem facing our country (dowry deaths still occur, domestic violence is on the rise, the sex ratio in most of the states are horribly skewed, the girl child still do not go to school), protest against what has got to be the most miniscule section in the society, all in the name of upholding some vague corrupted concept of culture. The bare fact is that less than 1% of the total female population in India actually go to pubs.

But who wants to tackle real problems when you have the irresistible gift of making a nuisance of yourself and generally irritate others without leaving the comforts of the city? No sir, these guys are clever, you see. They will stay in the city and get maximum media attention by beating up girls in front of camera. In their hubris, they break every moral and ethical code that the vedic civilization stood for. What culture are these fools upholding? People who cant even articulate their own thought processes coherently are now the custodians (self appointed of course) of our morals?

That India is essentially tottering towards being a failed state was proven the day Muthalik got bail.
Now this guy plans to make even more violent protests on Valentine's Day, and wants to make India a Hindu state in the long run.

The tragedy is that these deluded, uneducated fools have forgotten the most basic Indian trait of all - that of tolerance. Throughout the recorded history, when the entire world languished in the dark ages, India was a guiding light of reason to the world. This was because our society was always open to new ideas. Many came to conquer India, but she embraced them all to make a unique composite blend of all thoughts of processes. The Indian psyche as we know it is not made up of any one religion or any one ethnic group - it is the amalgamation of centuries of exchange of thoughts between different cultures - a true melting pot. The fall of the ancient Indian civilization started once we became a stringent dogma driven race.

The freedom of the individual is the basis for any truly enlightened society.

A society which gives up even an inch of individual freedom to avoid unpleasantness from the lunatic fringe has already lost the war.

Wake up idiots! Or else this country will go to the dogs.


  1. I got a mail from one of these bigots being proud of what they have done in Mangalore. Later, I tried put some sense in the fool's head. But the idiot replied with such immature comments that I felt it was an insult to write back.

    I am sharing with you what that jerk's reply was to my comments:

    ME: The point I wouldn't like to agree on is the act of manhandling the girls. Wat ever the reason might be. I don't think any civilized culture, religion or cult would advocate or approve that.

    THE IDIOT: we(means Hindu outfits) tried many times to create awareness among the people by handling the things peacefully.

    For an instance, we just catch the couple in parks, pubs etc on valentine day and we ask them to exchange the garlands, ask the groom to fasten the mangalsutra. This is our approach so far. Even this acts are not an eye open for many. So in order to put the things under control we are happened to go rudely.

    Ure talking in such away that pub is one of the main platform of getting fun. In olden days when our ancestors didn't have pubs,don't u think they had fun. There are many ways like people can congregate together, they can play our traditional games like kabbaddi, kho-kho, chess, they can play dandiya etc. As per our tradition there are many ways to get fun.

    We are ready to face any kind of allegations, undergo any kind of capital punishment to preserve our society, culture and nation.

    >>> I have reproduced the idiot's language skills...

  2. Dumb fucks like these wake up the homicidal maniac inside me. Man I just wish I could meet some bugger like this, I would knock some sense into him.