Sunday, May 10, 2009


Every instant of existence gives rise to infinite probabilities, and each of them spawn their own time lines. Infinite branching occurs again at each instant these time lines, and continues till numbers become meaningless; the intersecting lines forming a thick fabric of what we call reality.

The great knot at the end of time houses the most exclusive of all clubs. It is known simply as the Terminus. In order to be a member of this club you have to be a god. Of course, you cant be just a run of the mill ordinary god to be a member of club Terminus. There is a stringent qualification criteria which must be adhered to before a god is considered for full membership. Snobbery, after all, is more common among the "Dei" than mere mortals.

Inside the plush interiors of the club, Mr. H and Mr. B were mildly flirting with Miss Gaia, the barmaid. Everyone at the club wanted to marry Miss Gaia, but she showered them all with equal attention. To the more perceptive it seemed that she didn't really care for any of these gods. But of course no one said something like that aloud. The really old members remembered when she was a fresh faced young beauty, always happy and smiling. Now her smile seemed a trifle put on. Maybe she had consigned herself to eternal spinsterhood.

Mr. H sighed. He was an old timer, and missed his old pals Ra, Zeus and Odin. The four of them once ruled the world, but the wind of change blows in the celestial gardens too. Not many of the old folk came to the club anymore. Only Mr J was there, tough and doughty as ever, sipping wine at his favourite corner. A respectful cough brought Mr. H out of his reverie. It was Dogface, the valet. "Sir, its time for the special meeting."

The gods sat round a huge table in Mentis, the conference room of Terminus. It had 5 thrones, one for each member of the governing council - Mr. J, Mr. H, Mr. B, Mr. C and Mr. M. T. However, contrary to popular belief, the council was not democratic. Any member could veto a resolution, without giving any grounds for doing so. The faithful call this the divine logic - essentially a deific for "meaningless". Thus the five gods sat, sipping the nectar served by Miss Gaia, each of them sunk in their own thoughts.

"I propose that we terminate the Miracles treaty," Mr. M went directly to the agenda. The atmosphere of the room tensed suddenly. The Miracles treaty was drawn out years ago, to reduce divine interference in human affairs. As people from all over the world started mingling with each other, devotee poaching became a serious issue among the gods. The Miracles treaty put a moratorium on altering the reality fabric by any divine intervention. Mr. C and Mr. M, the new gods, had long been campaigning for the treaty to be repealed, citing that the world is going deeper into chaos because of divine non intervention.

Mr. C took up the theme. "It is upon us to save the world of men, for our own benefit if I may add. It is our devotees who give us strength, as you all know. If the world fails, so do we. I propose that we unleash a catastrophe on the world, and work on through a series of small miracles to restore the balance in the world."

"A balance favouring you my son?" said Mr. J bitterly.
"Its every God for Himself, dad."
"Besides what is the point of being a god if you do not exercise your powers ? These human sheep needs to be led for their own safety." added Mr. M.
"I will veto it, you know I am strictly against intervention." Mr. B added softly.
"Then we shall break the treaty unilaterally."
"Then prepare for war!"
"We already are at war!"
"I call upon...."

The room suddenly quietened down as Dogface and Miss Gaia came in without asking for any permission. Everyone looked on in shocked surprise as they proceeded to shut down all the doors and the windows of the room. They then took out big guns and shot all the gods.

"err, Miss Gaia, you sure its OK to do this? I mean this can cause a lot of trouble among the people."
Gaia smiled. "Let me tell you a secret Cerberus. There were no gods. Not really. All these beings you saw here were just images of mass delusion. Its just that people refuse to grow up - crying always for macho daddies and super mommies. What we have done is give them a free will. For the first time."
"umm... what do we do with the bodies then?"
"Leave them. I am sure no one will be able to tell the difference between a live god and a dead one."
"I sure think you are assuming too much Miss Gaia. I don't think the people want free will that much." Dogface was closing the door from outside.
"Then they don't deserve to live, Cerberus."


  1. Jio Man!!!! I would like to say the existence of God is soemthing more than mere Delusion..its a conspiracy of few on power, and the features and doctrines of God is nothing but thier reflections to gain more power and more and more....

  2. Dude... Very trippy :) Respect! \m/

  3. gr8 gr8.. started off with word jugglary but eased out later.. deicide is very necessary to make ppl stand on their knees without this fictitious support and vicious weapon