Saturday, June 20, 2009

A nut between two wheels

Biking is one of the few things that keep me interested in my day to day business of living. Yesterday I got the delivery of my new steed, the Yamaha YZF-R15. I envision the coming few days as a challenge as I need to find out the optimum routes of travelling to my office, which is situated at one of the most psychotically congested areas in Mumbai. At the very least (I hope) the bike will grant me the freedom from the autowallahs, those scourge of the common men in most cities of India. I had planned to call this bike Nidhogg, after the mythical Nordic beast, but a friend told me it was silly and kinda childish to name a bike. So it is just "my bike" for now, plain and simple :)


  1. Sweet!

    Congrats dude. I wish you and the Yam have a happily ever after :P

  2. bikes are for bachelors only. so enjoy for a few days -- ma