Monday, October 19, 2009

An ode to sleep (A lazy man's rationale)

There are many ways in which people can waste their time. Sleeping is NOT one of them. I strongly believe that if people slept for more hours every day, the world would be a much better place. In fact, an ideal world would be something where people do nothing but sleep. In short, something like this -

Now I know what everybody is thinking right now! "What a lazy bum! What price to human knowledge and progress? What about staying fit and working? What, if we might add, about enjoying life?"

And I say to you all, what about them? All human endeavors, throughout history, have been essentially been directed towards improving the human condition, selectively or globally. From Edison's bulb to the Wright Brother's  planes, from Pax Americana to the quest for Lebensraum, the ultimate aim for any project has been to improve the quality of life for certain individuals. And it has brought the world to the brink of destruction. It seems that our society cannot exist in a stable equilibrium with the rest of the planet, and ours is a race destined to be a disruptor. The only decent thing to do, if we really love our beautiful blue planet, is to get ourselves extinct before we do anymore harm. The most enjoyable way of doing that is to sleep indefinitely. Let me elaborate on that.

Sleeping is the state where the human body expends the least amount of energy. By spending less energy, we shall be in turn consuming lesser overall energy, and thus killing our planet lesser.

While sleeping (and by that I mean sleeping only, naughty), we cannot reproduce. Thus this will solve our population problems. 

While sleeping, we can not offend each other. Also we can not indulge in the pastimes typical to our species, like  invade, kill, steal and rape. Thus peace process will not be a process anymore, and become a reality.

While sleeping, we cannot see other people. This will cause the fall of all racial and social divides across the human society.

Also the need to sleep more can induce the more brilliant leaps of logic the human brain can aspire to. I understood this during my engineering days, when every morning I used to convince myself about why I needed to bunk the lecture and sleep a couple of hours more. Unfortunately, this benefit is not so helpful, since as per my suggestion we should be sleeping all the time, and not needing brainwork at all.

Finally, its an observed fact that death during sleep is the most peaceful of all. This is primarily because while sleeping, people don't fear death! Thus, in one swoop, all religions will cease to exist, if we just sleep all the time.

Hmm.. now that I have expended so much energy into writing this post, let me go back to my ground state, and balance my energy expenditure :) 


  1. Hehehehe... Didn't know that my talents could change the shape of humanity... forever! Sleeping, to me, is more than a necessity... I consider it an art-form, an outlet of expression...

    We should swap notes sometime, Max.

  2. In my current state of sleep-deprivation, I agree with all the arguments that you've put forth. However, once i'm not this sleep-deprived (which I don't see happening in this birth atleast), I shall come back with a proper comment and opinion :D

  3. Definitely walker.. Actually i was thinking of writing a follow up post to this on the subtle nuances of different approaches to sleep. Personally though, i am more fond of a test match approach to the holy state, rather than a 20-20 approach, if you get my drift.. :)

    Garfield, you will always be able to get time for sleep.. just a matter of prioritizing :D

  4. Never indulge in any exercise apart from sleeping and more sleeping

  5. My idea is to sleep for no more than eight hours a day... and if succeeded in doing so... rewarding myself with more sleep is an excellent motivation for the neXt day [DAY].

  6. I always knew i was blessed as i can sleep whole day long....but now i guess i need to build on this talent and hibernate...

  7. This is simply ur best one and the pics are super-cute.

  8. My thoughts exactly... yaaawwn...

  9. an interesting blog you've got going here, brother. gonna link it to my page soon enough. Though I'm having trouble with the internet so it may have to wait until december.
    byeeee :D