Sunday, January 3, 2010


There is something truly sinister about the universal cheer and the joie de vivre that the holiday season brings. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the celebration of hope and spending time with the family and looking forward to a new beginning and what not. In fact, I will not deny that forgetting all your worries and living for the moment has its glorious charms.
However, the thing is that the moment passes by, and we are left alone to clutch at the memories of those fleeting hours of joy as we continue our journey through the Stygian expanse of life. Therein lies the true terror of our condition, that in our ultimately meaningless existence, we are truly alone.
Desperately we try to take our minds to those times of happiness, through photos and videos and converstaions starting with "Remember the time.." - it is but trying to catch the mist. It is again the bleak monotony of waiting for the next "occasion" as decreed by the Greeting Card Manufacturer.. and the next and the next... ad infinitum.
The problem is Hope - that glorious symbol of human aspiration. Hope is like the Indian Politician - its always there, seldom comes true and when it does it gives rise to a ludicrous amount of Hope-lings which have an even lesser probability of coming true. Yet we cling to our hopes, refusing to take off our glasses and look at life in the harsh glare of realities and probability. That is why I think we have survived as a civilized (so they say) species, because the stark reality, unadulterated by any human emotion, would surely have pushed us over the edge.
Something is not right, I can feel it in my bones. Time rushes by, punctuated by meaningless actions, unrecognisable milestones in a barren landscape. Has my existence been reduced to this, being a cog in a machine veering out of control at the rate of 24 hours per day? I am a stretchered man on a roller-coaster. Time to jump.


  1. Interesting analogy with the Indian politician :-) And boy, I SO identify with the last paragraph :-(

  2. :-) give it time. slowly, the hope recedes. What's left behind is not the romantic mist of 'wish tomorrow's better', but the rationale, 'tomorrow will be good'. Sure, it's hope at first...dejection for a bit...but faith later on. Happy new year...happy all year, eh?!