Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another swing of the pendulum

All good and bad things come to an end.... eventually. This is my last night at Mumbai - I will be leaving for a brief stay at my home in Kolkata before joining Electronic Arts at Hyderabad. The last few days have been very hectic - completing all the formalities at work, getting vehicle clearances for my bike and arranging to take Gogo with me back to Kolkata - without out of course missing a single world cup match. On a separate note, thus far all the matches have been extremely cagey and tactical without much technical skill being on display, which gives my team Italy a huge chance of winning it.

Before the world cup started, I hit upon a novel idea for entertaining myself. Since I was living alone in my flat for  these last few days, I decided to start watching the best, gruesomest and the most fucked up recent (or classic) horror movies from all over the world. I found out that I was too jaded- nothing shocked me anymore. Perhaps if I wanted to see a horror movie, I will have to watch Kites or My Name Is KKKHAN :( I also found out that regular Japanese horror like Ju-On doesnt age very well, unlike true masterpieces like Imprint or Noroi. And the French are the new masters of the genre. À l'intérieur is highly recommended for the discerning horror aficionado.

Another recent development is that I have picked up a slight taste in Hindustani classical music. Actually I randomly came upon this clip, which for some reason i liked immensely. After that, I started listening to different renditions of the same raag, Miyan ki Malhar, and finally gathered enough courage to explore other raags. Its pretty much awesomely exciting to uncover something which is so fascinating but was hitherto a closed book to me.

A youngish Pandit Bhimsen Joshi performing Miyan Ki Malhar  

Finally, a question to all - Do androids dream of electric sheep?

The time for my flight approaches - so thats it for now.
Goodbye Mumbai!


  1. I only recently started realizing the awesomeness of Indian classical music thanks to a thread on reddit. Check it out if you want to explore more -

  2. thanx comrade! will definitely check this out :)